June 19, 2005

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Via Chizumatic, I found this picture:

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A Subaru WRC, my second favourite car (the first will always remain the Lancia Delta Integrale), and a hot Japanese girl. Almost too much to take. I'd take her for a ride on the Subaru up the hard switchbacks of the roads around my place in Italy. And that's just the beginning.

Driving and riding fast give me an all special kind of thrill, that few other things can equate. Fighting maybe, but not for sport - a real fight is what it takes. Sex is a different thing, I have to say.

Indeed, when I go on holiday always one of the first things I do is take my car and do a bit of fast driving on a certain stretch of road with little traffic. Even better, I jump on my motorbike and race on some enduro track: that's even more exciting, because there is a much more direct connection between me and my motorbike, and enduro requires quick reaction to take the proper trajectory, avoid rocks, deep ruts and other unexpected obstacles on the tracks. Sometimes branches or bushes stretch across the way, thus I extend my leg or arm to fend them off on the move. And strength is needed to recover from the quite frequent upsets that can always happen. And sometimes you hit the ground, but there is no glory without pain; jump back on the bike and open that throttle even more, dammit! And the reward is when you reach the top of that mountain, after facing treacherous steep tracks of rock and mud, you take off your helmet wet with sweat and behold the landscape around, the silence of nature while adrenaline still flows in your blood.


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