June 16, 2005

Subjects And Talent 

I'm a bit tired of writing political commentary. One of the reasons is that there will always be someone who won't like what I have to say. Someone will find me too soft, or to hawkish, or too "culturally imperialist". Or someone will call me a dhimmi if not a Nazi accomplice only because I refuse the "nuke'em all and let Allah sot'em out option" and because I do not think that anyone sporting a swastika should be shot on sight, or something like that.

No, I've not been flamed, but I came to understand that often I'm running into deeply held axioms, and this means there is no way to reach a synthesys of positions with my rethorical opponents. It's only a wearsome intellectual position struggle. I won't stop writing political commentary of course, but expect little of it.

I am also tired of pointing at the enemies of the Western civilization, and building arguments about what/who we are fighting against. I also want to know what we are fighting for, and for me it isn't strict Christianity and Judaism; it's liberal democracy in a state well separated from religion. It's also the pictures of scantily clad Asian women, peripherally.

The other point is that I write strictly on an inspiration basis. This means, when I find the proper inspiration, an article will almost write by itself (like this very one), quickly in its final form. I forced myself to write when not inspired, sometimes, but the results were usually poor. In these days, I'm not inspired at all for political commentary.

But if commentary is not my favourite subject, political activism is near the bottom of the list. I tried, even on this blog, but simply it doesn't work for me. I'm not the guy on stage giving a rousing speech; I'll be the chap who worked to put things together and to set up the soundsytem, and who drinks his beer in the backstage observing satisfied that is silent commitment contributed to the cause. Other people are cut for activism instead; one example is Stefania with her blogs Free Thoughts and Unpoliticallycorrect. She even had a column published on TCS! Congratulations, Stefania (with a pang of jealousy)! But as I said, I'm not talented for activism.

I maintain this blog mainly for myself, as a place where to write what I feel like writing. The second purpose I have is to sontribute spreading scientific and technical knowledge, because science is the only instrument we have to learn the truth about the material world in which we live. Once you've learnt the truth, you are free to take your own conclusions, but conclusions based on an incorrect model of reality and/or faulty logic will be wrong, no matter what.

Ok, to end this explanatory piece, a few additions: the Logical Fallacies; and a bunch of Italian blogs: Robinik, Astrolabio and M&A.

E per finire, qualche aggiunta al mio sito: i blogs italiani Robinik, Astrolabio ed M&A - tutti di orientamento conservatore (o dovrei dire vero-liberale?), naturalmente.


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