July 07, 2005


British officials are still rather cautious, but I don't have to: this morning, coordinated explosions on London Underground trains and London Buses caused hundreds of casualties - 70 deaths among them according to a provisional toll.

Even the usually reluctant BBC is using quite freely the word "terrorism".

The whole Central London transport network is shut down, and also mobile phones have lost their signal. Police is recommending people to stay where they are and not to use phones.

This is big and ugly. At 90%, it's the Islamists again. No understanding, no dialogue with them. THE TIME TO FIGHT IS NOW!

Update: I think it is appropriate to add a link to Random Acts Of Reality, the blog of a London Ambulance Service emergency paramedic. He has a couple of posts up about the terrorist attacks, but all his work seems pretty interesting.


Thanks for stopping by, Fabio.

I wish I could remember the details (been suffering a lot from CRS syndrome of late), but these psychos are into some sort of numerology. I vaguely recall something about it regarding the Madrid bombings, and I wonder what (if anything) this might mean:

7th month

7th day

2005 (2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 7)

Three sevens.

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