July 08, 2005

Compare, not Contrast 

London, UK, 7 July 2005:

Israel, Too many times:

Anyone thinking that there is a significative difference in morality between the Palestinian murderers and other jihadis is seriously deluded. Plain wrong in the best case. They are out to kill us; the Jews are just at the top of their list. But we come next.

I'm still angry for yesterday's atrocity, so dig this wartime song:

When They See Us They Will Run For Their Lives
To The End They Will Pay For Their Lies
So Long Did We Wait Now We Are Home

Here Once Again There’s A Battle To Fight
Gathered Together For The Sound And The Might
So Long Did We Wait Now We Are Home

Now We Will Fight For The Kingdom Fighting With Steel
Kill All Of Them Their Blood Is Our Seal
Fight Till The Last Of The Enemy Is Dead
Ride Through Their Blood That We Gladly Have Shed

I Now Issue The Call Are You Ready To Fight
Fight All Together As One For The Right To Be Free Once Again
Tonight We Will Win[...]

Manowar, Call To Arms


"rule britannia,
britannia, rule the waves
britons never will be slaves."


united we stand
together we fight


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