August 08, 2005

Cold Summer 

Well folks, I'm at home, having wonderful food and generally an easy time. I had my parties and some time out in the woods. The weather is sunny as a summer should be.

But there is a major drawback: a gentle wind is blowing from the East - the Tramontana, the last whiffs of the Buran, the harsh and frigid wind of the Siberian plains - and this makes nights rather chilly - just above 10 °C for god's sake! And the ground is dust-dry, not a single wild mushroom in sight.

And I also sprained again my ankle (an awkward fall while exploring a remote stream), so I must rest. The glass is just half-full, dammit!


Take care of that ankle, if you injure it further then you are in for a lot worse. Probably a cast.

My ligaments and tendons became weaker the first time my ankle was sprained, and now I have to deal with it... I'm not 20 anymore. I bought an ankle guard, and that one gives good support.
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