August 27, 2005

What People Like 

Pictures of good-looking girls (and hunks, too) in skimpy clothes.

I think it has been like this since the Babylonian age, at least.

So, a great part of my 60 - 80 daily visits are of people searching for pictures, and of Chiaki Kuriyama in particular. And many of these visits come from Japan, understandably (it seems she's having a wild success over there)- but someone from Baghdad, using the usmc.mil (United States Marines Corp) domain was searching for Chiaki too. What I noticed from my website stats, however, is that some people come here looking for bare skin, but then stay to take a look around, hopefully enjoying my articles.

60 - 80 visits per day may seem like a pitiful traffic, but I'm pretty comfortable with it: it does not bring trolls in my cyber realm, and I do not feel pressured to provide a top-class service to my readers. I want my blogging to be as stress-free as possible, and up to now it has been like that.


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