September 13, 2005

The Antipodes 

There is a lot of talking in the blogosphere about the distasteful decision of memorializing the Flight 93 (the one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11 because its passengers fought back against the jihadi hijackers) with a crescent-shaped memorial, even oriented towards Mecca - like the shape itself wasn't enough.

However, I am in the mood for a little of musings and decided to locate the antipodes of Mecca. I used the coordinates published by Wretchard, a bit of longitude calculations by myself and Mapquest to locate the point.

It's smack in the Pacific Ocean, at the western margin of French Polynesia.

Update 14/09: The DMS coordinates for Mecca are N21:25:24.24, E39:49:34.32 - that poses its antipodes at S21:25:24, W141:11:26; for those eventually inclined to check my calculations.


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