September 21, 2005

Mean & Nasty 

Europeans who venture in the comments section of Little Green Footballs often have to endure massive doses of Europe-bashing. Some of it is granted, but a lot goes way over the top - and the notorious commenter bigel often proposed the nuclear genocide of Europeans. Amid some outraged reactions, and a lot of apologists.

So imagine my reaction when I saw this thread: Rice Urges Israel to Cooperate with Terrorists.

And the comments are even better; here's a few snippets:
When is Rice scheduled to meet with bin Laden so they can work out their differences?(#16)

Rice works for George Wahhabi Bush.(#78)

It is about establishing a permanent presense in the heart of the persian gulf for the next century, a key part of it's global realignment.
I happen to agree with that goal.
What I dislike is that the admin, like all previous administrations, has chosen to lubricate it's intercourse with the arab world using Jewish blood.(#118)

Your anti-American rant today is the worst thing I've ever seen here against America.
You have shown your true colors.
You're as much a traitor as the worst liberal.(#136 referring to #118)

Course she is a Ventriloquist Dummy for James (Fuck the Jews) Baker and Daddy BUSH. Baker sitting in the WH now, quite under the radar, (we didnt elect this guy, in fact we threw him OUT along with Daddy Bush) and we are supposed to PRETEND we don't know whats going on. She didn't do the LAST job she had correctly and went on to be promoted (oh I wonder why) UP. Peter Princ. for SURE as well as....(#144)

Americans are (and have been) DYING in justified wars that America has been fighting against ARABS in the Middle East.
Ignoring this sacrifice (as if America has been having SEX with the Arab world all this time without shedding a drop of American blood in the wars that have really been going on) is as big a lie as anything ever told by Michael Moore.(#149)

Sharon is basking in world congratulations, because he gave away Jewsih(sic) land, he did what they could not, he tore Jews from their homes and made Gaza Judenrein.(#167

A sane one - getting lost in the noise:
There's a thin line sometines between making a statement that is bombastic for effect, and one that steps over the line, and libels all of us. And when someone does that it's not helpful to the cause.(#176)

I restrained from posting over there, because the temperature is already high enough. But I confess, I'm gloating. You enjoy so much bashing Europe and calling us Nazis for Europe's policy towards Israel*? Now I'll enjoy watching you jump at each other's throat about the State Department actions. Fair deal, no?

By certain definitions, Rice and probably also Bush should be called nazis at this point. And with the bigel's doctrine, Israel should nuke Washington DC now.

* Policy that I often find morally bankrupt and pathetic and I would turn on its head.

Update: Boy, this is a delicious one -
But here's a dicey subject. Much to the left's chagrin, Condi is black. There is a substantial segment of the US black populace that are antisemetic(sic). Could she be one? I've never understood this, because it would seem that struggle would creat(sic) a common brotherhood....(#212 )

Update 2:
This is becoming a liveblog -
Um hello guys & gals... it is US (ie: Jews) who have not learned our lesson.
From Egypt, to Spain, to Rome, to Germany ... we are always betrayed by our "host countries".(#240)
Now the USA too, I'd guess from the tone of this comment.

Final Update: Too good to be left out -
All: If you feel the need to start off any statement with: I Love America. America is the Greatest. I am a LOYAL American Citizen...then you are talking to the wrong group. Suspicion of Jews is a old marker for Antisemitism. Accusations that Jews who don't like this or that Policy are Traitors to their Country is a Big Marker for Antisemitism. We have seen that, this isn't new. Its the same old, same old.(#299)


Go easy. Ha paura, many of the posters, and justifiably so. There has been too much suffering and there are so many hopes for Israel to be allowed to just exist.

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