September 29, 2005

On A Roll 

Yes, the contributors of Tech Central Station are definitely on a roll these days, grilling without any mercy environmentalist loons in particular.

Theo Richel dispels the myth that Chernobyl caused hundred of thousands of cancer cases,

Xavier Mera guts the French enviro-nuts who destroyed crops of GM plants destined to medical uses.

John Luik ridicules the big acrylamide scare that gained so much traction in the USA.

Tomas Brandberg destroys a few dogmas of organic agriculture.

Fred Smith and Iain Murray hand their arse to the idiotic European regulators wanting to put hefty taxes on air travel.

And finally, Nima Sanandaji buries the notion that global warming will cause enormous damage, economical and not.

Keep doing the good job, guys: we need it, much more than I'd like to.

Update 03/10: John Luik wrote two more articles (1, 2) on the acrylamide "Phantom Menace".


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