October 07, 2005

Commuter's Misery 

This morning I took the bus, and things went even worse than usual. Normally, when I take the bus in the morning, the first few kilometers are of slowly-moving bumper-to-bumper traffic. This morning, it was stop-and-go traffic, for almost all of the journey. A road is partially closed because they're laying new water mains, and another one was blocked by a particularly dumb cabbie who decided to park his cab right in the middle of the road while loading a customer's luggage. A lorry driver expressed his disappointment at the situation shouting not exactly loving words at the cabbie. All in all, it took one good hour for a journey that usually lasts more or less half a hour, even during peak hours.

Driving a car would not help much, however. Actually, it is more likely to provoke stress if not road rage. So what's the solution? For me, this is the solution:

A cool supermoto: scorching acceleration and great manoeuvrability (plus the satisfying rumble of a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine) make it the ideal city vehicle, to slalom between traffic and queues. I also already have a motorcycle driving licence; I only lack the budget, dammit...


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