October 09, 2005

Links Cleanup 

It's Sunday, the classic day for cleaning and tidying up. So, while a lamb joint is roastin in my oven, I tidied up my blog.

I moved the inactive blogs in a special category, added the Tocqueville banner, moved The Belmont Club into the newly created Australia category - because Wretchard writes from Australia, not the USA as previously thought.

Good reading!


Somewhat OT

Do you mean for your sidebar to appear at the bottom? It might just appear like this in Mozilla.

If not, then where your css says:
div#mainClm{float:right;width:75%;padding:30px 7% 10px 3%;border-left:dotted 1px #E0AD12;}

You ought to be able to reduce the relative width just enough for the sidebar to appear alongside the main content.

You didn't close your sidebar div. If you put a div closing tag right after the /ul tag after your comment policy, this may make the sidebar appear alongside the main content.

If you add a break tag after each location title and list item immediately above it, you'd be able to segment the various blog locations (right now, the location is adjacent to the blogs, without acting as subtitles).



Thanks for the tips, my knowledge of HTML/CSS is rather rudimentary.

My template is optimized for IE6, actually. I closed the sidebar division, and thinned a bit the main column. The unsegmented blogroll is intentional instead.

If you give me feedback, I should be able to sort things out also for the half of my readers who do not use IE.


Now the sidebar content briefly appears alongside the main content, then goes back down to the bottom of the page.

Pity. I'm too busy in these days to spend a long time fiddling with my template - also my posting is sporadic.
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