October 03, 2005

Referrals Of The Day 

I haven't received many weird visits lately, but today something tasty was in the logs.

A visit from the domain dolcegabbana.it (IP begins with 62.94) that reached my blog searching for "nitrato ammonio" (ammonium nitrate). A couple of gay metrosexual fashion designers and an explosive chemical are a disturbing combination, I tell ya...

Another visit from Republic of Korea (ISP Korea Telecom); this one searching for "sri lanka sex gals". If I were you, I'd be content enough with Korean girls...


The referrals and the Keys for search are always very funny :)



Get ready for a bunch more.

I don't know if you've heard about the story out of Oklahoma, the one about the 21 yr. old EXPLODING outside a football game.

Weel, it's coming out tonight that the guy tried to by ammonium nitrate, unsuccessfully.

Just check my blog, I've stories about what's been going on.



Ammonium nitrate (and its italian equivalent) has been one of the most popular search words for my blog since I wrote something about it. There's a lot of people out there curious about explosives, apparently. I was like that a few years ago - then I upgraded to serious scientific and engineering publications, if I need deeper knowledge.

I've read about the OK bombing story, but it did not trigger my inspiration to write.

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