October 26, 2005

Visits of the Day 

Still too busy to write more about the Big Things, so I'm reduced again to scavenge through my traffic logs. Still, something cool always pops up.

Las visit I received was from the U.S. Department of State (domain state.gov), with the search word "dssa italy". Apparently, this is the page that attracted Google's and State Dept's attention. The visit was brief; I don't know whether I should be honored or worried about it (months ago I also received a visit from the IRS domain; that's more worrisome - if I had to pay taxes in the USA, that is).

La seconda curiosa visita viene anche questa dagli USA, ma é molto piú innocente: qualcuno che ha cercato "ricchi e poveri testi". Ma non riesco nemmeno lontanamente ad immaginare perché Altavista pensa di poterli trovare sul mio blog...


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