November 03, 2005

Anche Io Con Israele 

Meglio tardi che mai; posso scrivere questo post solo ora che sono di nuovo su una connessione DSL. Non sono in vena di lunghi discorsi, ma è chiaro e netto che Israele è enormemente meglio dell'Iran e tutta la congrega di estremisti islamici, e merita pieno supporto. Anche se non fisicamente, idealmente io sono con questi manifestanti (Grazie a Robinik).

Better later than never; I had to wait to be on a DSL connection again. The banner says "Iran Embassy (in Rome - ed.). This blog is there." It is a manifestation in support of Israel proposed and organized by Giuliano Ferrara, an Italian conservative and editor of the newspaper Il Foglio. There is no doubt for me that Israel is orders of magnitude better than Iran and the whole lot of Islamic extremists, and thus deserves full support. I couldn't be there materially, but ideally I am in the manifestation.

Update 22:00 CET: Italian press is reporting 1500 people manifesting pro-Israel in Milan and 10 000 - 15 000 in Rome. Also many people from the center-left area are attending the demonstrations - most notably Piero Fassino; some progressive Iranians and Muslims can also be seen in the crowd with banners and signs.

The genocidal declarations of Ahmedinejad caused a number of strong reactions in Italy: the Foreign Minister Fini defined Iran a serious threat and has not backed down despite the high-piteched whines vibrant protests from Iran; the minister Calderoli said Ahmedinejad is a madman in need of treatment; the Minister of Culture Buttiglione added that Iran and a large fraction of Muslims want to complete the Holocaust. Not to mention the mole of material written on the issue by the Tocqueville bloggers.


Grazie a te ;)

Se vuoi da me trovi il link per seguire la diretta :)


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