November 09, 2005

Babes Worldwide 

In the continuing saga of my traffic reports, Chiaki Kuriyama is still the star.

But what is more interesting is that people all over the world are very interested in this skinny-but-cute Japanese girl.

Recently I got some visits from Iran - yes, that (supposedly) beacon of Islamic virtues - searching for Chiaki (and Maggie Cheung) pics. Not mention people from Indonesia and other countries with governments known for frowning upon exposed skin.

I'm glad about this, really. Not only for the traffic, but also because it means progress in the memetic war we're fighting. Each time an Iranian guy looks at Chiaki, he will think that burqa-clad women really suck.

In the words of SDB: "You'd think that Those Who Lead Us would have figured this [That people like sex - ed.] out a long time ago, but they're in denial. Kuwait, for instance, authorized the creation of a series of "Internet Cafes", places where those who didn't have their own connections to the net could go to plug in. Then they found out that a lot of the people (i.e. men) going there were hunting for porn (which is, of course, readily available online).
The authorities in Kuwait were scandalized and have closed 50 of said internet cafes. What, exactly, did they expect, anyway? Huge numbers of people reading online copies of the Q'uran?
If we can't beat Islamicism with rock-and-roll, we'll beat it with pictures of bare breasts."


scusa ma perché non scrivi in italiano? Non verrai mica a dirmi che lo fai così ti leggono in tutto il mondo? Dai commenti che vedo non ti legge nessuno. Peccato...

Invece é proprio cosí: scrivo molto in Inglese proprio per il pubblico internazionale. Il vero volume di traffico lo vedo dal mio contatore, non dal numero di commenti.
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