November 07, 2005

Big Trouble 

I haven't written anything about the Muslim revolt in France because I find that situation seriously disturbing. I am really worried.

There are some thugs like those in London too, but this is not the main problem.

The problem is that this revolt aims at estabilishing zones in which the French State would have no more sovereignity, and instead sharia/tribal code will be the law of the land. This kind of disgregation is the trademark of failed states, and if that were to happen in an European country, it would mean serious trouble. Also Muslims/North Africans in other countries may start to revolt against the State (and they're already doing it, on a small scale).

The response (or lack thereof) of the French government is nearly maddening: eleven nights of things going from bad to worse and there seems to be no adjustement of tactics by the French security forces. I don't believe they are so spineless; it must be a political decision not to do what is necessary now - use overwhelming force to estabilish order (only today one single mayor declared some form of curfew).

Still, the solution has to be political. But not a compromise with the imams; rather the whole sick socialist system, with its generations on the dole and inhuman housing projects, must be dismantled. Otherwise, there is no way out of the hole:
As long as France is an independent nation, with an independent economy and exclusively dependent on its own tax base, France is doomed. France as we know it is unsustainable. The structural and demographic problems France faces probably can't be solved short of violent revolution. The European Union may be seen in Paris as the only hope they have of escaping the trap France is in, as long as the ultimate EU system was designed correctly to make sure the French had disproportionate power in it and could thus manipulate it for the French's economic benefit. If so, they would be willing to go to nearly any lengths to make sure that the EU happened, and to make sure it was dominated by France.

All the other explanations I've come up with for French behavior were unsatisfying; they didn't seem sufficient to explain their behavior, or their apparent desperation and ruthlessness. But this one would do it; if this is what they're thinking, then they really would be willing to do the kind of things they have been. For this they'd be willing to sacrifice the UN, willing to sacrifice NATO, willing to alienate the US. For this they'd be willing to make oil deals with a torturer and sell him illicit goods, and to work to maintain him in power so he could keep torturing to his heart's content. For this they'd be willing to partner with Russia and China. For this they'd be willing to do damned near anything. The only thing that would matter would be to make sure that the final establishment of the European Union happened and that France would have the ability to dominate it. If they win that, they win everything. If they lose that, nothing else matters.
I think this is a defining moment not only for France, but for all Europe too. Lines must be drawn, and those trespassing be dealt with accordingly. If not, we're going towards a very dark future.


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