November 19, 2005

OSM Mania 

Hey, writing about the Open Source Media has sensibly increased my traffic (after the WP tempest in a toilet bowl), so why not continue to flog that horse?

Like many others, also this struggle is becoming a three-way one:

Side One - The True Believers: those who think that OSM will succeed because it has to, given that all the Good Guys are there. Examples: the OSM staff and (most) partners, and apparently a good number of LGFers.

Side Two - The Informed Critics: those criticizing (sometimes with caustic irony) the whole OSM policy, business plan (or lack thereof) and decisions in the face of the Trademark Cockup. Examples: SDB, Dennis The Peasant, Darth Misha.

Side Three - The Sneerers: those grilling and slinging mud at OSM because it's a nest of fascist racist neo-con zionists who deserve to suffer and fail. Examples: LGF Watch, LGF Quiz.

Of course these are rather broad generalizations, and there's a number of people that cannot be clearly placed into a precise set (Ann Althouse comes to mind). My take? If OSM does not change course, the Informed Critics will be proven right.

And what about the shockwaves through the blogosphere? There is a sort of idea that blogs are morally superior to the mainstream media. I think this is partly right, because many bloggers write only to express what they think, not with an eye always looking at the cash inflow and the other a how best to pander at some particular group. And usually bloggers are quite transparent regarding their eventual political agendas. Moreover, it is considered very bad manners on blogs to edit published posts and not respond to criticism or discovered errors.

But now OSM is behaving much more like a mainstream media than a blog. So I suppose that many now are thinking "So a pile of green is all it takes to turn these paladins of fairness, honesty and accountability into copies of what they once despised?" (also look at their very strict terms of use). Unless this is straightened quickly, it may have serious long-term consequences.


hey i mentioned this on d the p's blog

its not because OSM is a nest of fascists etc that they've generated so much negative buzz

and that ain't even the reason i got a problem with lgf

is the sheer dishonesty of it - the transparent hypocrisy

LGF is framed as an uncensored discussion board for post 9/11 liberals

but if you stray from the party line you get shouted down and booted

they make the freepers look reasonable, actually

cause if you offer legitimate criticism you get swarmed by drooling idiots who automatically assume that anyone who criticizes their leader is a leftist, etc.

Now as an insular community which runs on a daily dose of red meat to the faithful (and unreflective) that may work fine

but anyone could have told johnson not to try to run a business that way

he didn't listen, did he?

He didn't have to sic his moronic flying monkeys on althouse

it would have been easy to admit the mistake RE: the OSM name

and it was not a classy move to dump Ford with no explanation

Or to get 99 right leaning bloggers and 2 token liberals and insist that others acknowledge the supposed "balance"

Live in a bubble too long and eventually the bubble pops on you, people realize the emperor has no clothes and in my judgement thats exactly what happened here

But yeah, I guess I did sneer a little

way back when I actually chatted with CJ about the racist invective on his site and he refused to listen or even acknowledge that there was something wrong with encouaging people to call for the "sterilization" of "subhumans"

I put that quiz together to get his attention, out of frustration - for all the good it did

Plenty of people tried to warn him about OSm but he acted like he had allies to spare and had no problem dropping people, disregarding simple courtesy, attacking critics and smearing anyone who offered helpful suggestions

so really, he earned this

hubris, meet nemesis

been a lot of that going around lately

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