November 16, 2005

Rice = Ilsa 

Ilsa is the curvaceous and sadistic protagonist of a couple of disgraceful '70s exploitation movies. The first one is American, She-Wolf of the SS; the other French-Italian, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (which would be even more fitting to these times, thinking about it). These titles should be in the collection of any serious B-movie fan, by the way.

However, that's definitely not what I think about Condoleeza Rice, but for the usual suspects (not Charles himself, but a quite well defined set of commenters) she and Bush are almost there. The appearance of this hysterical, fanatical, abusive and obsessive gang is probably the main reason that drove me away from LGF (the others being that I have other things to do, and got just plain bored).

Ah well, I'm tired of writing about nasty chemicals and battling mindless fanatics from either side. Let's look at some exposed skin instead!

Kate Winslet, who is a curvy redhead. My second favourite type of woman...

Update 16/01/06: I found a review of Ilsa. If you dare...


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