December 06, 2005

Haim Amram 

This is the name of the security guard of an Israeli shopping mall, who sacrified his life to keep a Palestinian suicide bomber out of the mall iself, where the explosion would have had much more serious consequences. Go here to see his face, and a passionate eulogy for him (in Italian). This is a noble and brave gesture, not the malevolent stupidity of Rachel Corrie, not the vacuous publicity stunts of the "human shields".

And as often happens, it's the sacrifice of noble and brave people that goes unnoticed and forgotten amidst the clamor of the propaganda-savvy Islamist and Lefties.

But it does not have to be like this all the time. This is my little contribution to the memory of Haim Amram, and the hundreds of Israelis victims of the Palestinian self-serving violence, and those who committed the supreme sacrifice trying to save others from that savage fury.


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