January 06, 2006

Back in Town 

Yes, here I am in London again. Not exceedingly happy, but neither down - I just have to get used to the metropolis again.

However, my traffic has plummeted to a pitiful thirty hits per day! I have to climb back to more comfortable heights, and I'll use a time-honored method: girls and scandals. For the girls, two classics:

Chiaki Kuriyama

Lucy Liu*

For the scandals... well, you'll have to wait a bit longer... but dirt sells.

* That website is tamer than it may appear.

UPDATE: It's really curious, the deluge of hits for pics of girls went as suddenly as it came. I thought it was because of the Christmas and New Year holidays, but now they're over. These days my visits come mainly from links in other blogs, and search strings such as "italian swearing" and "ammonium nitrate" and related stuff. And possibly, people who added The Italian Version to their favorites.


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