January 26, 2006

In Exchange 

The spineless EUrocowards are once again bending over in front of their moslem masters:

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Five Iraqi women detainees were released Thursday by the U.S. military, FOX News has confirmed. They were among hundreds Iraqi prisoners released after officials found no reason to continue their detention.

Major Gen. Rick Lynch said Thursday the women were released along with more than 400 male prisoners.

The release of the female detainees was also part of a demand by kidnappers who took an American journalist hostage last week. A U.S. officials said the release was unrelated to the kidnappers' demands.

"Unrelated" my ass. The EUroweenies just love paying the jiziya like good dhimmis and they're just happy to release 400 scumbag terrorists that will only proceed to kill more Americans and innocent Iraqis.

But wait a second... It's the U.S. military that released the prisoners... it's all an American affair... well... but...

This piece is satirical, for those in doubt.


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