January 22, 2006

Slow Day 

I'm drowsy and blue after a Saturday night out, and there isn't much interesting in the news - oh yes, there would be I'm sure, but I'm not in the mood for deep analysis and/or gloomy news about Nuclear Mullahs and the whole lot.

The whale that swam up the Thames to Battersea Bridge has died despite the rescue attempts. Whales are mammals adapted to marine life and (thus ?) far more intelligent than your average fish, but rarely beached or stranded whales survive even when they did not end up there as a result of injury. It's almost like they adopt this self-destructive behaviour because they want to die. Food for thought.

I also noticed that the BBC uses always the same tone, whether they're reporting about a whale rescue operation, or non-combatants blown to pieces by suicide bombers. This is more like nihilism than neutrality.


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