February 25, 2006

Anime Tastes 

Steven DenBeste has put his server back online, and has written some new material for Chizumatic. In particular, a page where he lists the series he will, will not or maybe will purchase.

And geez if he's picky! He spends a few hundred words just to describe his reasons to reject a title!

Mind you, I understand well: selectiveness comes with age; out of curiosity and inexperience youngsters try basically anything. For example, youths tend to drink even the most obnoxious drinks just to get drunk. - but at around twenty many stop doing that, and refine their tastes. Same tends to occur for music.

Anyway, SDB has reject Ghost in the Shell - Standalone Complex because it's grim and gritty and has lousy art". No doubt it's grim and gritty, but it must be that we have very different standards regarding lousy art. However, de gustibus non est disputandum. Shame that Tachikomatic Days is not available separately, because that's something Steven may like for fun.

I have seen Trigun, and what can I say without giving spoilers? Yes, it gets dark at a certain point, and Vash has to face horrible decisions. But it's a night followed by a dawn; there is light at the end of the tunnel and the ending itself is uplifting.

In the end, I like grim and gritty stuff. I appreciate also fan service (who doesn't?) and humor/jokes; I don't despise cuteness but I have little use for it. Of course I need a plot that makes at least some sense, and I do not like the obsession with technology either - when it becomes dominant over the rest.

Yeah, not a great piece. But I decided to write anyway in order to fill up a hour or so.


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