February 10, 2006

Jackbooted Thugs Stifling Dissent 

A government shut down the website of a dissident newspaper that in a brave and daring move published some cartoons offensive to a minority of religious radicals.

Is this Bush's Karl Rove's AmeriKKKa?

No. It is oh-so-enlightened Sweden.

The dissident newspaper is SD-Kuriren, a publication with a circulation of roughly 30 000 labelled as "far right" - that considering Sweden's political climate probably means "to the right of Chomsky".

The sin? You can quite imagine already: publishing a new Mohammed cartoon and thus offending certain delicate sensibilities.
This is what the Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds has to say:
"I will defend freedom of the press no matter what the circumstances, but I strongly condemn the provocation by SD-Kuriren. It displays a complete lack of respect"
No, you multi-culti idiot, you're not defending freedom of the press. You're actively censoring speech that you, (part of) the Muslims and your friends do not agree with.

I have a word for this, and it's totalitarianism. Not freedom.
And at this point one can legitimately suspect that the Swedish government is surrendering to the Islamists.

Do you want the crocodile to eat you as third or fourth course, spineless pomo wankers?

Other things to bang my head against a steel pillar:
As a partial cure, I propose to dissolve the EU and leave only a free market area and thus proceed to roll back all the obnoxious statalist and tranzist directives and whatnot pushed upon Italy by the Bruxelles Buffoons.


It’s not about freedom of speech but religious tolerance. Yeah, right. In Canada University of Prince Edwards Island’s student newspaper published the cartoons. Administrators removed all 2,000 copies of the paper from campus and sent campus police to the editor’s office and asked that he hand over any copies he had. Nope, no free speech issues here.

ciao Fabio

adesso è tardi
domani torno
io sto per iniziare la tesi di dottorato in idruri metallici ad alta pressione.:)


Lovely university, that one. Like a miniature dictatorship complete with police-enforced censorship.

Allora possiamo discutere amabilmente di segreti che i non iniziati nemmeno immaginano, eheheheh...

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