February 17, 2006

A View From The Centre 

Dennis (The Peasant) has embarked on a more serious project than Ragging on PJM: narrating his personal experience with the Somali Muslim community in Ohio. The first two parts are out, and they're worth reading.

He also links to the Captain's Quarters for the commentary to an article deeply buried in the inner pages of the Washington Post dealing with the adaptations and progresses in counterinsurgency made by the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Tall Afar, Iraq. It's interesting reading for military buffs, and a good example of what one single, but skilled, intelligent and knowledgeable officer can accomplish - and I agree with Dennis that many right-wingers should learn counterinsurgency from Col. McMaster. Instead, it seems they learnt tactics from some tribal warlord. With all the consequences of the case.

Update 18/02: Something Awful features one of its usual irriverent articles on the dot.com bubble that fits snugly onto the strange mess of Pajamas Media as well.


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