March 22, 2006

Fun With Mail 

I haven't received any hate mail or ramblings of people who do not like my opinions, but today something weird arrived in my mailbox:

Subject: drinkme

A conduct can be pathological or non pathological (phisiological), no external or middle case is expected. 90% of the people who killed a parent is declared mentally healthful, this means: non pathological conduct, phisiological conduct (genetic or non genetic), good doctor, not vector of functional or anatomical suffering.

Medicine is an exact science, jurisprudence is an exact science. Enemies and friends: of the mental hygiene only, war between doctors isn't expected value. "Fighting with islam against the devil" : this information is harmless and profitable.

Siegmund Freud lies not knowing to be lying: he is a conceptual pedophile who says children has sexual attraction for parent (edipus) and that mind is partitioned in 3 parts (ego superego es). False premiss brings wrong result: like Freud says, cognitive error is associated with pathological conduct, biological group self-destructive activity.
"Your parent acts with you like with friends": the medical doctor must suggest this or enhanced reflection to the habitants, for excluding non-genetic behavioral epidemics. Slapping child is a crime and a mania, like by the general rule, "if child doesn't born genetically stupid, handicapped, diseased, socially dangerous". Habitants of the planet kill gays but children don't born gays, habitants corrupt and kill children doing a "sacrifice to the devil": this non genetic epidemic is familiarly but not geneticaly transmitted.

With baptism christians forgive themselfs from god's sentence. If vegetarian diet gives longer and better life than non-vegetarian diet, non-vegetarian diet is alimentary behavior pathology. Eating another human is a behavioral disturb; a cow has 96,5% dna perfectly matching with human dna. I am racist: i think animals is inferior race, so i don't have to eat cadavers, thing that induce a phisiological genetic reflex : vomiting.

You are authorized by the author to the use u think is necessary, please forward. This is a final version or close, you will be excluded from future mailing. Refeer to email's header for contact information.
I can't make any sense of this bloviating, really. I suspect it has been written by a non-native English speaker - with a far from good knowledge of this language.

However, this message was sent to a long list of addresses (probably phished - there is a "fake_email@fake_email.com" among them) and comes from an ee@mhpea.org; IP WHOIS says:

inetnum: -
remarks: INFRA-AW
descr: Telecom Italia SPA
descr: Provider Local Registry
descr: BB IBS
country: IT
admin-c: INAS1-RIPE
tech-c: INAS1-RIPE
notify: *************@telecomitalia.it
mnt-by: INTERB-MNT
changed: **********@telecomitalia.it 20040831
source: RIPE

role: Interbusiness Network Administration Staff
address: Telecom Italia
address: Via Paolo di Dono, 44
address: 00142 Roma
address: Italy

This host is apparently a SMTP server (smtp-out13.alice.it), and listed in the Distributed Sender Blackhole List. You've got to trust Telecom Italia to keep their own shop tidy, eh?

I couldn't find much more info about this weird message: another blogger got it as well, and it appears in a few more forums/websites dedicated to weird stuff.

We'll wait and see.


It is utter nonsense really.

Yes, but there are two curious points.

Why spam the Net with utter nonsense? There may be some diffusion-tracking purpose behind it. Or just a really insane guy.

And, in my case that came from a Telecom Italia host. It doesn't make me feel so secure; I expect Chinese open proxies to be used for all sort of tricks, but not this.


Yes, it's nonsense. So why bother spamming with it?

Unless we are dealing with a genuine madman, it could be that this message was introduced in order to study its very propagation. Not to mention possible phishing purposes.

The other thing is that Telecom Italia has some problems with not very secure servers.

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