March 20, 2006

Ham to the East 

More funky search phrases!

This one from China - precisely, someone in a company called Zhejiang Shuanghui Foodstuff Co.,ltd:

"parma ham processing martial"

Hey, it's all well and good if the Chinese are interested in this delicious product. China is a rather large market for the ham producers...

But what does "martial" have to do with it? I really can't imagine.
Apparently this guy (or gal) also used the Google automatic translator to translate the ever-popular November 2004 page of this blog into Chinese. Maybe this strange search phrase is a result of a translation cock-up.

Other visits are Italians curious about ammonium nitrate and ANFO; Americans and Singaporeans seeking Italian rude language; a Korean wanting to know more about "boar attack woman" and even a few rather normal things and links from other blogs. Ah yes, this is just in: in the deep American Midwest, there is someone using a Mac and desperate to know all about "polipropilene (misspelled like that) breasts".

What kind of demographics am I catering to??


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