March 26, 2006

The March for Free Expression 

So, here's the meat of the demonstration, finally.

The manifestation. Yes, it's not huge,
but it wasn't a pleasant day in London either.

Some indipendent signs

One of the official signs

One of a couple of Danish flags. Regulations say that foreign flags
cannot be held high in Trafalgar Square

The Cartoons of Doom

Hard to see, but the guy in the centre
holds an "Infidel Bloggers Alliance" sign

I like this one

Plenty of cops

These two nutty guys did not agree with the demo's points,
but no-one bothered them

I arrived just in time hear the two last speakers, and the points they made are that free expression is a most fundamental right, and true freedom of speech cannot exist where it's forbidden to offend some "protected minority". They also insisted that threats and violence against people expressing peacefully their opinion are inadmissible. Among frequent applause from the crowd.

A more detailed recount of the events is available here, together with discussion of future initiatives and events along the same lines.

Update: Actually, it appears that the black dissenter was forced by the manifestation's stewards and/or the Met Police to take down an effigy of Blair with a swastika around his neck. And there is a big debate going on at the organizers' website about the role and actions of a speaker from the Muslim Action Committee. I didn't see her so I cannot really weigh in. Though Peter Risdon seems to be a little too much apologetic and soft-spoken towards MAC (but he also wants to keep things diplomatic, possibly).

Update 27/03: Wretchard has more pictures and commentary of the events that preceded my arrival at the manifestation (yes, now I feel guilty for having been a slob) - in particular the not so liberal attitude of the Met Police. I also left a comment over there linking to this very post.


Ti linko Fabio.

Good work, Fabio!

You've struck another blow for Freedom. You just might be the kind to enjoy some of the Freedom-Striking MP3s posted for free at:

They lift freedom, blast idiotarians and focus sarcasm on lame dudes like splodeydopes.


I don't know what to do of the comment above... I'd classify it as "half-spam".

I'll keep watch.


Seen this Fabio?



Just looked at it, Wellington.

Not good - and summing this to the balir+swastika episode, it seems that the whole thing didn't go so well after all.

Still, asking someone to remove a gross symbol is one thing; being prosecuted is very different.


Correction: "Blair+swastika"

The very fact of the demonstration is encouraging. But the comments of the illiterate imbeciles who write for blogs are discouraging. One of these morons does not understand the differences between "dominant" and "dominate" and between "libel" and "liable". One piece of advice: If you are not literate in English, dont write public comments in English.
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