April 03, 2006

Lunchtime Musings 

Steven DenBeste is also a fan of drag racing:
Is there any sporting event more quintessentially American than drag racing? Wonderduck is fascinated with F1, but for me drag racing is the pure racing event. The only steering the driver does is to try to keep the car going straight, which is not as easy as you might think. It's power and driving skill and equipment, and everything is decided in five seconds. It's noisy and fast and loaded with muscle. The signature smell of drag racing is burnt rubber.


I'm watching a race on ESPN being held in Texas. The grandstand is full and the crowd is loving it. No crashes so far, which is fine by me. I don't want to see anyone hurt. And I expect to see Angelle Sampey win in motorcycles, like she usually does. It must be frustrating to be Antron Brown, the #2 rated motorcycle driver, who keeps losing to Angelle (which is pronounced "ann-JELL"). She has been absolutely dominating motorcycle drag racing for years. In any mixed-sex sports event, I bet there's no woman who has dominated her sport the way Angelle has. (She blew through Shirley Muldowney's life-time win record years ago and never looked back.)

But what other big-deal sport is there where women can compete equally with men and actually have any chance at all? (Sorry, dressage don't rate.)
I think I know what could make this sport even better for ol'good Steven: a Japanese cutie pilot. I'd appreciate that myself, actually.

But I'm afraid safety regulations would not allow for joshikousei costumes...

However, my favourite motorsports remain rally and enduro: they're just a slightly refined and civilized version of what the rednecks in my area do normally.

If drag racing is like weight lifting, and Formula 1 like ballet, rally is like lumberjacking.


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