April 08, 2006

Saturday Night Live Undead 

Yes folks, I've not forgotten my English. I felt like writing some articles in Italian, that's it.

This is just a quick status update; I'm not going to write anything lengthy tonight. You know, I have to write a report, and the deadline is close. Even if it's a saturday night, I had the inspiration to write my report, so I did it - and it's coming out well.

In the meantime, science and technology stubbornly refuse to stop advancing. Now it's the turn of laboratory-grown bladders: I think in a few years we'll be able to grow more replacemente - and maybe even improved - parts. But I still like the idea of transgenic pigs; I'd like to have mine butchered and turned into ham, salami, BBQ ribs and roast bellies (and a few specialty Italian things that maybe I'll write about someday). That would be the proper way to honour a life-saving pig.

Live Undead is a Slayer live album, just in case...

Ah yes - another thing I've noticed: search phrases regarding explosives, and especially ammonium nitrate are back in force, and mostly from Italy. If I were paranoid, I'd say someone wants to blow up something for the upcoming general elections...


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