April 21, 2006

Something Not Funny 

Reading here and there, I finally ended up at this place, where the author provides his travel advice to Americans going abroad (Read: Europe. Must of the rest of the world, where non-whites do dwell isn't worth visiting by definition).

My jibe about skin colours aside, there is a fine line between humor, even gross, and boorish insults. The same difference that passes between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.

Inviting people to behave like ignorant, obnoxious assholes with a giant superiority complex is not funny, even if in an attempt at humor. Actually I doubt it can be humorous at all (yes, I know it's a response to another almost equally stupid travel guide). For me myself, Americans are welcome to Italy and to be unapologetically themselves. They're not welcome to stick it in our faces every second.

And "driving at a sedate 20 mph 40 km/h"? I'm not too sure about other countries, but in Italy at that speed even cyclists will overtake you. While showing you a middle finger or something like that.

Update 22/04: I resumed writing my short story. If you want to read high-brow literature, never ever click there.


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