May 03, 2006


I haven't much inspiration to write another juicy sci-tech post, so I'll just rag a little more about Little Green Footballs. Ready?

The fact is, an Islamic court in Somalia sentenced a murderer to be publicily stabbed to death by the 16-year-old son of his victim.

As you can see in the comments, a nutrite number of LGFers are thus facing a serious conundrum:

So you can see a number of posters trying to jump through nanosized rethorical hoops in order to have it both ways. It's fun, in a weird way. But it becomes grotesque when the infamous American Idiot, herself an unabashed supporter of torture and wannabe torturer, has problems with this method of execution - and even says that she can't think of baby seals being clubbed to death. That's coherence for you.


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