June 18, 2006

Counterterrorism 3.0 

Yes, I'm back on these bytes, finally.

I stole the expression from Wretchard, who coined it in an article on how the West is adapting to the war of ideas against Islamism. This war of ideas passes through the Internet, and specifically a certain number of individuals with their websites (or other means) dedicated to taking islamists head-on and providing an accurate picture of the situation in Iraq and other hot spots.

And their are, in casual order and a non-exhaustive list:

Internet Haganah
J.D. Johannes
Bill Roggio
Michael Yon
Michael Fumento
The Counterterrorism Blog
Jihad Watch

I think I'll create an apposite section in my sidebar - and finally I found time to post a long-procrastinated work: my photo reportage of another small Islamist demonstration in London.


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