July 26, 2006

Asking the Right Questions 

Someone from Nigeria arrived on my blog googling for

"what is libral(sic) democracy"

Oh boy... that's a good one. It is the less worse of all the government systems tried so far.

It is when you are as free as possible in your thoughts, lifestyle and expression. It is when you have certain rights that cannot be infringed (not infringed easily, at least) and the means, legal and materials to defend them. It is where there is no state, no anointed elite to tell you what you have to do. It is where you can elect your representative, and they will be accountable to their voters; it is where the system can be changed deeply but peacefully and within the same framework. It is where you can work and trade and get rich with that.

It's worth a try, mate.

Update 28/07: My blog is becoming important, I think. I received visits from the IRS, CIA, US Marines Corps, US State Department and other major institutions. Now it's the turn of the EU Council: from Belgium, domain eu.int, googling for

"lebanon logistics situation reports"

All good and well guys, but do you really need to google for it? Can't you ask the Foreign Affair Departments of the EU states? Is the EU actually such a tragic joke?


It is where you can elect your representative, and THEY WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR VOTERS

Um, it'd be worth a try in Italy as well. And in the borough of Barnet.

I'm envious anyway. One of the last people who got to my blog from Google was looking for frustare and passera. You seem to get a better class of users.

(for English speakers: "frustare" is "to whip" and "passera" is a female sparrow but is also a not-too-polite but not-too-rude way to refer to a female sexual organ)

(no, I have no idea either)


Indeed, by my own definition Italy ain't much of a liberal democracy.
I think I called it a bureacratic democracy, slouching towards a judiciary tiranny (you may not agree with this).

I got my fair share of weird search phrases, don't worry.

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