July 01, 2006

Service Announcement, and all that stuff 

Ok, tomorrow I'm off to Italy for a holiday, and also to do some important things over there (that will involve interacting with the dreaded public service bureaucracy, argh)

I will probably be kept away from my, even is steam-power-slow, Internet connection: this means that posting will be really scarce in the next 10 days. The upside is, food and drinks won't be scarce for sure...

Update: Well, it seem I must give blogging a little more time. I'm pretty disappointed with the Emperor:
This would be the same ACLU that will trip over their own miniscule dicks to file suit whenever anybody, anywhere, dares suggest in a public school that the main problem with the religious cult of Darwinism is that it has no scientific evidence backing it up. Darwinism is, to this day, one of the happy religions that won’t make the ACLU start carping about the mythical “wall of separation between church and state”, probably because the only thing separating Darwinism from Scientology is that Darwinists have yet to file for tax-exempt status.
I often disagree with Misha, but I consider those to be just diverging opinions and not really worth discussing. In this case, however, he is wrong - at least in part.

There is a really big mound of scientific evidence of all sorts supporting the evolutive model (this is the proper denomination) - fossils, DNA mutations, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry - and its predictions are used daily in medicine, biology and other fields. There may indeed be a few cases where the evolutive model does not work optimally, but these are no reason to think that the whole construction is shaky.

On the other hand, I am sure that there are people out there who indeed take part in the cult of Darwinism. I have had little direct experience of that, but I know well that there are wackos of any and all colours.

And I have no simpathy for such people. A cult of evolution is highly stupid - think of a religion of Kinetic Theory of Gases. Sounds silly, doesn't it?

In fact evolution is a model* to describe observable reality. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's not the proof that God does not exist (if that proof can be found, it will eventually come from quantum cosmology or something like that), and it's neither a collection of kooky ideas strung together by utter, dishonest incompetents.

And well, on the obnoxiousness, bias and worse of the ACLU there are no doubts.

* Let's avoid the term theory, because that semantics discussion is trapped in a real quagmire.


I won't be able to take much care of this blog, so if any LC or casual reader pass by and decide to leave a comment, please don't try to convert me. I made my informed choice long ago, and I'm perfectly willing to agree to disagree.

On the other hand, comments questioning my competence, intellectual faculties, political affiliation and being generally insulting will probably be deleted as soon as I can do it. My place. my rules.

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