August 17, 2006

Aggiunte, Additions 

Tempo di aggiungere un paio di blog conservatori ed italiani piú duri e puri: BlacKnights e Lo Pseudosauro. Sará la stagione, o sará un cambiamento piú profondo, ma mi sento sempre meno incline al compromesso. Ah, e pure l'aggregatore Il Castello (ed Italian Libertarians).

For something less political, but still serious, here's the blog of a real organic chemist: In the Pipeline. Ah, my days as synthethic organic chemist... I think that was better than the more strictly engineering I'm doing now. Sure it was more varied in colour, smell - and risks... (Protein wisdom was added too).

And, the number of links in my sidebar was becoming quite unmanageable. So I dumped everything into a blogroll and that's it. (S), Suspended; (I), Irregular; (G), Gone, god knows where. All blogroll links open in the old window.


Grazie per la fiducia :-)

Bene :) Benvenuto nel castello.
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