August 18, 2006

An Arab Internet Drama 

Well, weel. A while ago, I linked to the blog of Farah Sowaleef, because he wrote just like the kind of progressive, liberal Muslim and amicable Arab we need. And apparently she became quite a star of the Saudi blogosphere.

And apparently she also spoke on an absurd "identity and obligation" panel. General tone of the event: "Maria: Can you represent being white and not be perceived as a racist?". Wonderful ain't it?

Yesterday, while tidying up my link list I noticed her blog was gone. Not just suspended, but taken offline altogether without explanations. Bit strange, but stranger things have happened.

However, today I casually saw this other post from another blogger living in Saudi Arabia. He's less than pleased with Farah and accuses her of disseminating all sorts of intolerant and hateful comments. He's got no particularly high opinion of Muslims in general, and his attitude towards Jews and the like does not agree with the Saudi mainstream, shall we say (maybe he's a Jew too, not sure).

I don't really know what to do of this story; read it for yourself if you like. I'll maybe keep an eye on its developments. But I do not wish to get involved.


Nacidos en la lejana patria
como equipaje nuestro corazón
Pero no hemos perdido nuestra patria
lucha en Madrid por la revolución.
Pero no hemos perdido nuestra patria
lucha en Madrid por la revolución.

Nuestros hermanos de pie en las barricadas
proletarios españoles aquí están
solidarios, las banderas levantadas
Adelante Brigada Internacional
Solidarios, las banderas levantadas
Adelante, Brigada Internacional.


Chinga tu madre, cabron comunista!
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