August 24, 2006

Decline of a Nation 

Another sad and enraging story from Britain: A father has been shot dead in front of his fiancée and young son by a gang of young men after being terrorised for months.

Same old stuff: a gang of chavs, police doing next to nothing until a honest citizen was murdered.
Now Scotland Yard is reviewing the (in)actions taken after the man was stabbed the first time. Pull my other leg too.

But wait, isn't this Britain, where handguns are banned and all other firearms and weapons are strictly controlled? Yeah, and criminals still do have knives and guns and use them.

While the responsibility for this murder lies first an foremost with the culprits, in the second place I blame the UK government for turning its citizens into unarmed, helpless sheeple at the mercy of criminals.

Free men have guns.


Un Uomo Libero ha diritto al possesso di un'arma. E' una camoagna che anch'io ho iniziato ed ho raccolto quel che ho scritto finora qui: http://it.geocities.com/monsoreauit/RitornoalleArmi.htm
Forza e coraggio, che gutta cavat lapidem ! ;-)


b.t.w. i 14 to 18-y old in questione di che etnia / religione /gruppo sociale / club del libro sono ?

ciao - v.


Questo non é dato saperlo...

Comunque da quello che ho riscontrato, i chavs sono principalmente bianchi e neri. Poi ci sono anche quelli della varietá arabo/pakistana.

Non credo che questi assassini siano mussulmani. O almeno, non é un fattore richiesto.

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