September 21, 2006


Today's Semptember 21, the day of autumnal equinox (actually this year it falls on the 23rd, but don't bug me). From now on, the days will be shorter than nights going towards the gloom of winter.

The summer has ended and autumn begins; you can feel it in the air, in the sun rays which are still warm but more and more slanted, in the cold air of the morning, in the trees getting ready for their sleep.

It's also a time of melancholy for me. Especially now, that the weather is still fine. I'm not sad, but more... reflexive maybe. It's the kind of melancholy I'd love to share with a like-minded girl; things like kissing at sunset on the edge of a cliff... ah well.

However, astronomy is not the only reason. In a few days I'll finally leave London. Yeas, after nearly four years living here, it's time to go. My project is finished and there is very little left to keep me here. In fact, I've grown weary of the metropolis, of its degrading society; what I need now is the quiet of the countryside, and the relative quiet of a small town.

In these years living on my own I've learnt many things, about myself, life and the world. And maybe even about women. But now my spirit tells me it's time to head home. I won't be able to go back to live with my family; I couldn't stand it. But this problem has been solved.

What will come afterwards, I don't know. I'll need some time to shake off all the stress, and then... maybe across the Atlantic, to the Land of the Free?


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