September 15, 2006

She's Gone 

Well, now most of the conservative/rightwing/whatever folks know that Oriana Fallaci died.

I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of her.

Oh yes, I agree with her broad point: Western civilization is a good, great thing, better than most other cultures and worth defending. And to hell with political correctness and multiculturalism.

I also think that western civilization indeed has Judeo-Christian roots, but in my opinion the Enlightenment was the real watershed moment for the modern world.

And I appreciated her brave standing up, not backing down in front of scorn and threats.

What I did not like of Oriana Fallaci was her style: I've read one or two of her columns, and could barely stand it. It's not a personal thing; I prefer a plain, expository style to an inflamed tirade.

However, the biggest issue I have with Fallaci is that lately she was caught in the apocalyptic view as well, and this fine Italian blogger reports. I have said more than once that apocalyptic views truly creep me out, because they imply a huge battle and enormous bloodshed to get through to a future in which only the chosen ones will have place. These views are dangerous because the lead to see mega-death as inevitable or even necessary and beneficial. Well, thank you very much, but I prefer to avoid that as long as it's possible.

So yes, I will remember Oriana Fallaci for her outspoken courage and what was good in her, but I won't forget this dark side of hers.

In a different but related development, blogger Isaac Schrodinger is at risk of being denied refugee status in Canada and being sent back to that lovely place Pakistan, where his views would make his life utterly uncomfortable to say the very least. Actually, by Pakistani law he could be sentenced to death. For abandoning and criticizing Islam, get it?


I didn't think anybody knew that old article of mine. Thanks for linking.

My views on Fallaci are more or less the same as yours.

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