September 05, 2006

Smelling a Rat 

Yesterday I blasted a few European countries for allegedly denying landing rights to El Al flights carrying military material to Israel.

Now the reply arrives: Europe denies barring El Al landings.
From the statements reported in there, it appears that (except for Portugal) landing authorization may be denied on the basis of risks associated with the nature of the cargo - munitions are indeed more dangerous than other materials.

Yes, a country truly friend of Israel may conceivably turn a blind eye onto something, but following procedures is way different from the usual accusations of being rabid anti-semites and dhimmi in need of a nuclear spanking levelled at Europe by the usual suspects.

The Jerusalem Post also sheds light on an interesting angle to the story: in August, the Israeli Ministry of Finance signed an agreement with Alitalia, giving Israeli government workers discounts and special benefits. This move hit El Al financially and enraged its pilots.

Yes, I smell a rat. A big fat one: an El Al high ranking officer tarring Europe and feeding the fires only for the interest of his own company.

And Haaretz doing a poor job... but I'm not really surprised of journalists screwing up anymore.


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