September 14, 2006

Yes, I'm Here Still 

I have not forgotton (now I realize this typo is pretty ironic...) my English.
It's just that I did not have any message of fundamental importance to deliver to the wide world in this language.

The only story that somewhat piqued my interest is the psucho who shot up a bunch of students in Montreal.

Despite what some - I think - ardently desired, this was no Muslim. He happened to be a metal-goth in fact. A nihilist sociopath with violence and death fantasies, that one day became reality.

A pic in his online gallery shows a Metallica poster. Great, prepare to see some other idiot blaming guns & metal for this massacre.

Despite my frequentations, I don't know many goths. I don't really think that all of them are psychos, but usually goths (and darks) aren't the funniest chaps around. Thrashers and death metallers are much more pleasant to be with. Nu-metallers are a mixed bag, but in my experience they tend to be stupid kids with a lot of attitude and very little knowledge of music.

Of course, if you prefer classic jazz, latin-american dance or chart pop, the above paragraph probably won't make much sense.


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