October 12, 2006

This is Still a Test 

Hey lads & gals, missed me? Yeah, an awful lot I see.

Things are OK here in Italy; weather is unusually warm for October and mushrooms are sprouting in the wood up my mountains. Life in Parma is quite good, but the kind and amount of bureaucracy I had to face is staggering. The Patriot Act? It's nothing compared to the stuff I had to go through here. Next time I chat up a girl, I'll tell her my codice fiscale - a sort of social security/national insurance number...

I'll be back.


OT, amico mio, non mi trovi più "lì" ma la mia nuova casa è qui :

Aggiorna i link, ti aspetto :-)



I'll check back with you later, amico. Vorrei imparare un po' l'italiano.

Ehi, non fare scherzi anche tu che Wellington ce lo siamo già giuocato... ;)

Sto aspettando Fastweb... per queste cose ci vuole molta pazienza in Italia.

Nel frattempo bentornato. :)

Missed you?

I didn't even shoot at you!

Welcome back, though. :-)

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