March 02, 2005

Operation Body Snatcher 2 

This is the second part of my photo-reportage of the Islamist, anti-Israeli manifestation held in London on the 1st of March. Go to Part 1.

The moonbat with the "Against the United States of Israel" sign left the scene escorted by police and a cameraman a few minutes after I took the pic, and did not return. But I do not know any more details. There were a few troupes from different networks, even a Chinese one.

The gals, separated as ever

A better view of the vile sign

The banner at the front.
Too much traffic to take a clear pic

Police talking to
the aforementioned moonbat

Smile! You're on camera!

Of course a good manifestation must be accompanied by catchy slogans. These guys had a soundsystem and a speaker who lead the chorus chanting in English and Arabic slogans like "Occupation is a crime" "Israel criminal state" and so on - nothing really new.

Palestinian fashion:
a fine embroidery of the al-Aqsa mosque

You're on camera again!

This chubby guy appeared to be a spokesman

In fact the chap in the pic gave quite a few interviews: I overheard part of them and it was "Stolen Land" and "Illegal Occupation" every other sentence.

Interest from the East

At about this point, the manifestation's speaker began with a long tirade in Arabic, which at certain points reached and almost-rabid tone. I could make out only the words "al-Aqsa", "Islam" and something that probably is like "Our day will come".

Barrow boys?

I was unable to determine the intentions of this bunch of clearly London kids: were they interested in the event, but enough to partecipate actively? Were they only looking? Or were they hostile? No data to give a precise answer. However, at this point I decided I did enough, and so left the event to go to work (blessed days as student, when I can come and go at will).


Nice work Fabio!
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