March 22, 2005

OSF 3 

Part 1
Part 2
Finally, here it comes the third instalment of the Operation Spring Force series. More moonbats, more idiocy and outright evil!

Speakers and sound system

It's a pity I have no sound recording devices, because one of the guys in the pic was letting off nonsense on the mic. Among other things, he said that the use of depleted uranium in Iraq* is "nuclear war"...

Yes, this is a peace message indeed

Moonbat parenting habits

Making the concept clear once again

A raving Western moonbat.
With the al-Aqsa mosque scarf

And if some of them is not innocent?

The Moonbat Missile Force

The two on the right were playing a lame version of the Star Wars Imperial March in the bullhorn with their kazoos.

The best sign of the day

A concerned chap

The Bristol Socialist Chorus

Guess what place is this

A moonbat family

Freedom of wearing a hijab

The Moonbat Sheikh

After this, I could not take anymore (and the batteries of my camera were flat). I asked a cop about the size of the manifestation, and he told me 35 - 40 000 people estimated. I stood there a few minutes more, booing the march and showing the downward thumbs to a group chanting "Freedom to Palestine", then I reached a pub for a pint of cold lager. and that's all folks.

* DU munitions are used almost exclusively against armored targets - APCs and tanks, occasionally fortifications - so I think only a small amount of DU was used in Iraq, and only in the initial phases of the operation. But never let the facts come in the way of an anti-Western rant.


I can't believe someone would actually be braindead enough to wave a "Victory to the Iraqi Resistance" banner at a peace rally. That's like having a "Victory to Adolf Hitler" poster at a peace rally in the 1940's. Are these people really that stupid? I guess so.

If the "resistance" (ie. terrorists) actually win, the carnage would be incalculable.


In fact, I do not consider these events to be peace rallies anymore. Yes, true pacifists do exist (I think pacifism is a flawed ideology anyway), but those carrying the above signs are not pacifists by any meaning of the word.

Well, it actually depends on the pacifist's point of view. In WWI there was a Tennessee mountain man named Alvin York, a lay preacher who tried to get a draft deferment as a concientious objector, but changed his mind after talking to an officer who pointed out that sometimes evil has to be fought to save lives.

His diary says, "He and I had a short conversation. Then he asked me again if I objected and I told him I did not. He quoted, "Blessed are the peacemakers," and I replied that if a man can make peace by fighting he is a peacemaker."

On October 8, 1918, Corporal Alvin C. York of the 328th Infantry fought a desperate battle in the Argonne with a German machine gun detachment and brought into camp 132 prisoners.

The film, "Sergeant York", made in 1940, starring Gary Cooper, based on Sgt. York's diary, is a reasonably accurate recreation of his early life as a C.O. and his actions in the Arogonne.


Here's a brief bio of Sgt. York, the sort of man I think of as a REAL pacifist.


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