May 11, 2005

United We Must Stand 

In the last few days, my blog received quite a few visits from Japanese domains (.jp) of users searching for "Ansar al-Sunnah" and similar search words.

I think this is related to this news story:

Japan continued struggling Wednesday to obtain information about a Japanese man believed to have been taken captive by an Islamic militant group in Iraq.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi told reporters, ''We only have a
lot of unconfirmed information'' about what may have happened to 44-year-old Akihiko Saito.''
Same old script, the jihadis said they will release the hostage if Japan withdraws its troops etc. Sadly, these Ansar al-Sunnah bastards are not reknown for their meekness: months ago, they slaughtered twelve Nepalese hostages.

Saito is a veteran of the Japan Self-Defense Force and of the French Foreign Legion, and worked in Iraq as a security contractor - as reported by Kyodo News, to guard electric lines (you know, those infrastuctures that according to pacifists were destroyed in the war, thus turning the Iraqis against the invaders).

I'm afraid I cannot say anything comforting to the Japanese: the people probably holding your fellow citizen are ruthless bloodthirsty savages, and it's unlikely he will make it alive. Unless Japan submits to the jihadis' requests, but that would be a defeat. United we must stand, or one by one we'll fall.


This is sad and my heart goes out to his family. I do hope that the Japanese don't give in to any ransom demands that will only encourage more kidnappings and fund the terrorist.
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