February 16, 2005

Time for Updates 

Recent events modified slightly the context of my two last posts, so I reckon it's better to post updates.

First, clarifications are to be made regarding the story about the Islamic blessing in Religion Education papers. David Holford writes that OCR replied to his e-mail saying that it's their policy to add the blessing (Peace Be Upon Him) as the proper Arabic graph each time a document mentions Mohammed "as a mark of respect", but the exam candidates are not expected to do so.

Still stupid political correctness and wasted respect in my opinion, but less serious than it appeared initially. Or so I hope.

The second update regards the Eason Jordan story: Charles Johnson rounds up a few more links to demonstrate that this guy was also cozy with Saddam Hussein (CNN kept eyes closed & mouth shut on Hussein's crimes to maintain access to Iraq) and the North Korean regime. A really enviable curriculum, ain't it?


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